Power Flush

Have you installed a new boiler but no power flush was carried out before commissioning, have you been told your boiler care plan or warranty is void because you did not carry out a power flush? Ace Plumbers can Help with your powerflush requirements, we are offering a competitive fixed price service as below.

To give you an indicative price you will need to decide which boiler, how many radiators, how you plan to heat your hot water feed and how much new pipework you will need. It can total up but the good news is you can save massively on labour with Ace plumbers. Our Gas Safe engineers can save you the hassle of searching and researching and advise you of the best suited boiler for your home and supply the system and everything required.

Powerflush Price List

Just boiler flush £280
1-8 radiators £380
9-13 radiators £450
13+ radiators £600

*All chemicals are included within price and a typical powerflush can take 3-8hours. small extra charge applies for unvented system